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Bai Juyi: Eastern Wu Hill Temple: Six Poems

Eastern Wu Hill Temple: Six Poems

题 东 武 丘 寺 :六 韵
香 刹 看 非 远
只 园 入 始 深
龙 蟠 松 矫 矫
玉 立 竹 森 森。
怪 石 千 僧 坐
山 在 寺 中 心。
酒 熟 凭 花 劝
诗 成 情 鸟 吟。
寄 言 轩 冕 客
此 地 好 抽 暂。
Ti Dong Wu Qiu Si: Liu Yun

Xiang sha kan fei yuan
Zi yuan ru shi shen
Long pan song jiao jiao
Yu li zhu sen sen.

Guai shi qian seng zuo
Shan zai si zhong xin.
Jiu shu ping hua quan
Si ceng qian niao yin.
Ji yan xuan mian ke
Chi di hao chou jian.

Eastern Wu Hill Temple: Six Poems

Stopping for a fragrance, cannot see very far just inside the
deep and wide garden
Dragon-coiled pine tree strong and powerful
Tall, erect bamboo dark, thick and dense.
Strange and magical large rocks, the resting place of a thousand
Buddhist monks.

On the mountain, at the temple’s center
Wine is hot and ready to drink.
Waiting, depending on the flowers to encourage us to take another drink,
poetry stops when a beautiful bird sings.
Send word to dignified and respected royalty and high official guests
That this place is good for drawing a bamboo slip for divination.



Eastern Wu Hill Temple: Located within a complex of Daoist temples in northwest Hubei province.

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