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Bai Juyi: Songs of Leisure Around a Pond

Bai Juyi: Songs of Leisure Around a Pond

池 上 闲 咏
青 莎 台 上 起 书 楼
绿 藻 潭 中 系 钓 舟。
日 晚 爱 行 深 竹 里
月 明 多 在 小 桥 头。
暂 尝 新 酒 还 成 醉
亦 出 中 门 便 当 游。
一 部 清 商 聊 送 老
白 须 萧 飒 管 弦 秋。
Chi Shang Xian Yong

Qing suo tai shang qi shu lou
Lu zao tan zhong ji diao zhou.
Ri wan ai xing shen zhu li
Yue ming duo zai xiao qiao tou.

Zan chang xin jiu huan cheng zui
Yi chu zhong men bian dang you.
Yi bu qing shang liao song lao
Bai xu xiao sa guan xian qiu.

Songs of Leisure Around a Pond

On a terrace above the green water sits a writing pavilion
Middle of a deep pool, fishing boat tied up amidst green water plants
End of the day, they love to walk inside the bamboo groves
For moonlight, there are many places at the head of a bridge.

By now they have sampled the new wine, fallen into drunken states
Easily stroll in and out of the middle gate
One area with players playing ancient and popular Han Dynasty music
Breezes carry the xiao and stringed instrument sounds of autumn through
white beards.


Xiao: A vertical bamboo flute.

Commentary: This poem was composed in 833 while Bai attended the Crown Prince and his retinue in the capital city of Loyang.

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