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Bai Juyi: Listening to Insects

Listening to Insects

闻 虫
暗 虫 唧 唧 夜 绵 绵
况 是 秋 阴 欲 雨 天。
犹 恐 愁 人 暂 得 睡
声 声 移 近 卧 床 前。
Wen Chong

An chong ji ji ye mian mian
Kuang shi qiu yin yu yu tian.                                                                                                You kong chou ren zan de shui
Sheng sheng yi jin wo chuang qian.


Listening to the Insects

All evening hidden insects chirping
Autumn situation with shadows, and an expectation of rain.

For now need to get some sleep, fear that the insects will continue
to bother melancholy people
Very noisily they creep closer and closer to where my bed and I rest.

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