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Wei Yingwu: An Answer For Cousin Duan

An Answer For Cousin Duan

答 端
郊 园 夏 雨 歇
闲 院 绿 阴 生。
职 事 方 无 效
幽 赏 独 违 情。
物 色 坐 知 见
离 抱 怅 多 盈。
况 感 夕 凉 气
闻 此 乱 蝉 鸣。
Da Duan

Jiao yuan xia yu xie
Xian yuan lu yin sheng.
Zhi shi fang wu xao
You shang du wei qing.

Wu se zuo ru jian
Li bao chang duo ying.
Kuang gan xi liang qi
Wen ci luan chan ming.


An Answer For Cousin Duan

Our hometown gardens outside city gates, the summer rains stop
Unoccupied courtyards must have growing shades of green.
Yet to feel any effects upon my duties and affairs
Solitary and secluded joys not a part of current emotions.

Long for a glimpse of hometown travels
Filled with disappointment at not being able to return.
Can feel the cool air of sunset and its circumstances
Listen to the din of chirping cicadas.

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