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Bai Juyi: Recall Jiangnan: Three Poems

Recall Jiangnan: Three Poems

忆 江 南 词: 三 首
江 南 好 风 景 旧 曾 谙。
日 出 江 花 红 胜 火。
春 来 江 水 绿 如 蓝
能 不 忆 江 南?
Yi Jiang Nan Ci: San Shou

Jiang nan hao feng jing jiu ceng an
Ri chu jiang hua hong sheng huo.
Chun lai jiang shui li ru lan
Neng bu yi jiang nan ?


Recall Jiangnan: Three Poems

The excellent scenery of Jiangnan known well like an old friend
Sun comes up, red river blossoms equal to flaming fire.
Spring arrives, the river water green as well as blue
Who cannot remember Jiangnan?



Jiangnan: Literally means “south of the river”.  The region south of the Changjiang‘s mouth, in the province of Zhejiang.



This poem often committed to memory by Chinese school children.

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