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Bai Juyi: Shade and Rain

Shade and Rain

阴 雨
岚 雾 今 朝 重
江 山 此 地 深。
滩 声 秋 更 急
峡 气 晓 多 阴。
望 阙 云 遮 眼
思 乡 雨 滴 心。
将 何 慰 幽 独?
赖 此 北 窗 琴。
Yin Yu

Lan wu jin zhao chong
Jiang shan ci di shen.
Tan sheng qiu geng ji
Xia qi xiao duo yin.

Wang que yun zhe yan
Si xiang yu di xin.
Jiang he wei you du?
Lai ci bei chuang qin.


Shade and Rain

Mountain mists and fog again at daybreak
In this country, the rivers and mountains are the deepest.
Autumn suddenly changes, many river shoal sounds
River gorge shadows everywhere at dawn.

Gaze into the distance, the eyes can only imagine cloud-hidden things
Thinking of my hometown, heart-mind exudes raindrops.
What can bring comfort to this remote solitude?
Rely on the northern windows and my qin.



Qin: Ancient stringed musical instrument.

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