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Bai Juyi: Written From Yue Yang Tower

Written From Yue Yang Tower

题 岳 阳 楼
岳 阳 城 下 水 漫 漫
独 上 危 楼 凭 曲 栏。
春 岸 绿 时 连 梦 泽
夕 波 红 处 近 长 安。
猿 攀 树 立 啼 何 苦
雁 点 湖 飞 渡 亦 难。
此 地 唯 堪 画 图 障
华 堂 张 与 贵 人 看。
Ti Yue Yang Lou

Yue yang cheng xia shui man man
Du shang wei lou ping qu lan.
Chun an lu shi lian meng ze
Xi bo hong chu jin chang an.

Yuan pan shu li ti he ku
Yan dian hu fei du yi nan
Ci di wei kan hua tu zhang.
Hua tang zhang yu gui ren kan.


Written From Yueyang Tower

Below the Yueyang city walls, waters without end
By myself, tower in danger relies upon broken-down fences.
Spring lakeshore, season of green and lotus flowers around a dream-like pond
Red sunset waves highlight the lands near the capital of Chang’an.

Nearby monkeys stand up and cling to trees, to weep and cry aloud
Also with difficulty, the wild geese select certain lakes on their migration.
This land only enjoyable as a painting upon a screen
From the rooms of nobility, they view these pictures without my feelings.



Yueyang city and tower: Located in Hunan Province on the shores of Dongting Lake, near to the Yellow Crane Tower.  Built during the Han and Jin dynasties into the city wall at the western gate.

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