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Du Fu: Dreaming of Li Bai: Two Poems: No. 1

Dreaming of Li Bai: Two Poems: No. 1

梦 李 白: 二 首
死 别 已 吞 声
生 别 常 恻 恻。
江 南 瘴 疠 地
逐 客 无 消 息。
故 人 入 我 梦
明 我 长 相 忆。
恐 非 平 生 魂
路 远 不 可 测。
魂 来 枫 林 青
魂 返 关 塞 黑。
君 今 在 罗 网
何 以 有 羽 翼?
落 月 满 屋 梁
犹 疑 照 颜 色。
水 深 波 浪 阔
无 使 蛟 龙 得!


Meng Li Bai: Er Shou


Si bie yi tun sheng
Sheng bie chang ce ce.
Jiang nan zhang li di
Zhu ke wu xiao xi.

Gu ren ru wo meng
Ming wo chang xiang yi.
Kong fei ping sheng hun
Lu yuan bu ke ce.

Hun lai feng lin qing
Hun fan guan sai hei.
Jun jin zai luo wang
He yi you yu yi?

Luo yue man wu liang
You yi zhao yan se.
Shui shen bo lang kuo
Wu shi jiao long dei!


Dreaming of Li Bai: Two Poems: No. 1

After our departure, have not heard if you are dead or alive
Often sincere and sad, hoping you are still alive.
South of the Changjiang is a place of swamps and disease
Many people sent there are never heard from again.

My old friend has entered my dreams
He realizes I have been missing him for a long time.
I am afraid this visitor is really a spirit
So far away people unable to find their way back.

When your dream image arrived, the maple forests were green
And the border strongholds and closed mountain passes dark.
You are now stuck in a netted trap
How can you sprout wings and fly away?

Setting full moon upon the room’s ceiling beams
Your face shines with colors.
Careful, the water and waves deep and vast
Do not let the flood dragon pull you down!



Changjiang: Also known as the Yangzi River.



Li Bai had been sent into exile.  Being banned to certain parts of the empire in those days was almost equal to a death sentence.

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