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Du Fu: Prime Minister Coming to Sichuan

Prime Minister Coming to Sichuan

蜀 相
承 相 祠 堂 何 处 寻?
锦 官 城 外 柏 森 森。
映 阶 碧 草 自 春 色
隔 叶 黄 鹂 空 好 音。
三 顾 频 烦 天 下 计
两 朝 开 济 老 臣 心。
出 师 未 捷 身 先 死
长 使 英 雄 泪 满 襟!
Shu Xiang

Cheng xiang ci tang he chu xun?
Jin guan cheng wai bai sen sen.
Ying jie bi cao zi chun se
Ge ye huang li kong hao yin.

San gu pin fan tian xia ji
Liang zhao kai ji lao chen xin.
Chu shi wei jie shen xian si
Chang shi ying xiong lei man jin!


Prime Minister Coming to Sichuan

Where can one find the Prime Minister’s ancestral temple?
Outside the city walls of Chengdu the cedar trees are old growth and dense.
Up shiny steps, bluish-green grasses and natural spring colors
Obscured in the leaves, yellow orioles free to produce wonderful tones.

Three times they visited Je Geliang here before he agreed to create his
famous and effective battle plans
For two generations they served as loyal servants to benefit the country.
Before these battle plans became a victory, he met an early death
Long after the hero’s death, country had to endure a flood of tears!



Chengdu: Provincial capital of the Sichuan Province.

Je Geliang: (181-234): Prime Minister, politician, writer, engineer and master military strategist during the Three Kingdoms era. Nickname was the “Crouching Dragon”.

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