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Du Fu: Give This to Official Wu

Give This to Official Wu

又 呈 吴 郎
堂 前 扑 枣 任 西 邻
无 食 无 儿 一 妇 人。
不 为 困 穷 宁 有 此
只 缘 恐 惧 须 转 亲。
即 防 远 客 虽 多 事
便 插 疏 篱 却 甚 真。
已 诉 征 求 贫 到 骨
正 思 戎 马 泪 盈 巾!
You Cheng Wu Lang

Tang qian pu zao ren xi lin
Wu shi wu er yi fu ren
Bu wei kun qiong ning you ci
Zhi yuan kong ju xu zhuan qin

Ji fang yuan ke sui duo shi
Bian cha shu li que shen zhen.
Yi su zheng qiu pin dao gu
Zheng si rong ma lei ying jin!

Give This to Official Wu

In front of my house is a jujube tree, I have allowed my western neighbor
to harvest it
This lady is without food or children.
Without her poverty and hardship, this tree would be neglected
The main reason I tell you this is to allay your fears, and for you to
trust each other.

With you being a young government official and visitor, I need to prevent you from scaring her
If you install a fence, this would not be friendly or natural.
The government has already asked her for taxes, but she is poor to the bone
Consider what the presence of war horses has caused her, and so many others, to soak deep their crying towels.



Official Wu: A man who lives next door to Du Fu’s hometown house.



Again another Du Fu poem revealing his innate compassion for those around him who could use help and consideration.

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