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Du Fu: Han River

Han River

江 汉
江 汉 思 归 客
乾 坤 一 腐 儒。
片 云 天 共 远
永 夜 月 同 孤。
落 日 心 犹 壮
秋 风 病 欲 苏。
古 来 存 老 马
不 必 取 长 途。
Jiang Han

Jiang han si gui ke
Qian kun yi fu ru
Pian yun tian gong yuan
Yong ye yue tong gu.

Luo ri xin you zhuang
Qiu feng bing yu su
Gu lai cun lao ma
Bu bi qu chang tu.

Han River

Like the Han River, this visitor thinks of returning home
One stale Confucian scholar throughout heaven and earth.
I share destinies with the distant area of the sky that has thin and wispy clouds
Forever the evening moon and I share the same solitude.

Setting sun just like the energy inside my heart-mind
Autumn winds and old illnesses revived.
In former days, old horses no longer used
No longer necessary to seek the long roads.



Han River: The longest tributary to the Changjiang (Yangzi River), located in the provinces of Shaanxi and Hubei.

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