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Du Fu: Make Six Light Four-Line Poems

Make Six Light Four-Line Poems

戏 为 六 绝 句
庾 信 文 章 老 更 成
凌 云 健 笔 意 纵 横。
今 人 嗤 点 流 传 赋
不 觉 前 贤 畏 后 生。
王 杨 卢 骆 当 时 体
轻 薄 为 文 哂 未 休。
尔 曹 身 与 名 俱 灭
不 废 江 河 万 古 流。
Xi Wei Liu Jue Ju


Geng xin wen zhang lao geng cheng
Ling yun jian bi yi zong heng.
Jin ren chi dian liu chuan fu
Bu jue qian xian wei hou sheng.


Wang yang lu luo dang shi ti
Qing bo wei wen shen wei xiu.
Er cao shen yu ming ju mie
Bu fei jiang he wan gu liu.


Make Six Light Four-Line Poems


Geng Xin’s poems appear to be better after he aged
His writing brush robust, towers into the clouds from horizon to horizon.
Today people do not take his poems seriously
I do not agree with them, he is very able and virtuous.


The poetic new style of poets Wang-Lang-Lu-Luo is fine
Current literary fashion does not favor them.
They would throw out anything from the past
Like the myriad river flows, their works will adhere forever.



Geng Xin: Poet from the Three Kingdoms period

Wang-Lang-Lu-Luo: Four poets from the early Tang Dynasty.

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