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Du Fu: Many Worries Gather During Travels

Many Worries Gather During Travels

百 忧 集 行
忆 年 十 五 心 尚 孩
健 如 黄 犊 走 复 来。
庭 前 八 月 梨 枣 熟
一 日 上 树 能 千 回。
即 今 倏 忽 已 五 十
坐 臥 只 多 少 行 立。
强 将 笑 语 供 主 人
悲 见 生 涯 百 忧 集。
入 门 依 旧 四 壁 空
老 妻 睹 我 颜 色 同。
痴 儿 不 知 父 子 乱
叫 怒 索 饭 啼 门 东。
Bai You Ji Xing

Yi nian shi wu xin shang hai
Jian ru huang du zou fu lai.
Ting qian ba yue li zao shu
Yi ri shang shu neng qian hui.

Ji jin shu hu yi wu shi
Zuo wo zhi duo shao de li.
Qiang jiang xiao yu gong zhu ren
Bei jian sheng ya bai you ji.

Ru men yi jiu si pi kong
Lao qi du wo yan se tong.
Chi er bu zhi fu zi luan
Jiao nu suo fan ti men dong.


Many Worries Gather During Travels

Recall my teenage years, had the heart-mind like a child
Healthy and active like a yellow calf.
Eighth lunar month, pear and jujube trees before the front courtyard
Everyday I climbed them a thousand times.

Now my fiftieth year is rapidly approaching
Waning strength, spend much of the day seated or lying down.
As a host, I have to give the guests laughter and a smiling face.
With a collection of worries, hard to hide this pessimistic life.

Stick to the basics, old man with an empty and nearly unfurnished house
My old wife and I with faces of the same color.
Silly children should know by now their father rarely brings home food
Angrily call to me asking and crying for a real kitchen meal.

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