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Du Fu: Visitor From Far Away

Visitor From Far Away

客 从
客 从 南 溟 来
遗 我 泉 客 珠。
珠 中 有 隐 子
欲 辨 不 成 书。
缄 之 箧 笥 九
以 侔 公 家 须。
开 视 化 为 血
哀 今 征 敛 .无!
Ke Cong

Ke cong nan ming lai
Yi wo quan ke zhu
Zhu zhong you yin zi
Yu bian bu cheng shu.

Jian zhi qie si jiu
Yi mou gong jia xu.
Kai shi hua wei xie
Ai jin zheng lian wu!


Visitor From Far Away

A visitor arrives from the southern seas
Gave me a large quanke pearl.
Middle of the pearl seems to have some secret words
Want to, but cannot read what it is saying.

For a long time it was sealed up inside a small bamboo box
Awaiting the possibility that the government may need it in case of
an emergency.
Start to examine it, appears to have fallen apart with a blood color
Such sorrow, I am now without something to help our country!

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