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Du Mu: Autumn Evening in Qi An

Autumn Evening in Qi An

齐 安 郡 晚 秋
柳 岸 风 来 影 渐 疏
使 君 家 似 野 人 居。
云 客 水 态 还 堪 赏
啸 志 歌 怀 亦 自 如。
雨 喑 残 灯 棋 欲 散
酒 醒 孤 枕 雁 来 初。
可 怜 赤 壁 争 雄 渡
唯 有 蓑 翁 坐 钓 鱼。
Qi An Jun Wan Qiu

Liu an feng lai ying jian shu
Shi jun jia si li ren ju.
Yun ke shui tai huan kan shang
Xiao zhi ge huai yi zi ru.

Yu yin can deng qi yu san
Jiu xing gu zhen yan lai chu.
Ke lian chi bi zheng xiong du
Wei you suo weng zuo diao yu.


Autumn Evenings in Qi An

Willow trees along the riverbanks, wind arrives to scatter the flows
and reflections.
Causes one’s house to be within the simple people.
Can enjoy the return of waters that form into clouds
Also naturally think of loud and exuberant songs.

Dark rain, lantern light remnants scattered around a lonely chessboard
Geese just arrived, sober up from having wine by myself.
Tender memories of Red Cliff competing powerful forces
Now only have old men sitting in their ponchos angling for fish.



Red Cliff:  Famous battle in the winter of 208-209 AD at the end of the Han Dynasty. Fought on the Changjiang in Hubei Province, reportedly the largest naval battle in all of history.

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