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Du Mu: Red Cliff

Red Cliff

赤 壁
折 戟 沉 沙 铁 未 销
自 将 磨 洗 认 前 朝。
东 风 不 与 周 郎 便
铜 雀 春 深 锁 二 乔。
Chi Bi

She ji chen sha tie wei xiao
Zi jiang xi ren qian zhao.                                                                                                        Dong feng bu yu zhou lang bian
Tong qiao chun shen suo er qiao.


Red Cliff

Broken halberds sunk into the sand, iron has yet to rust
Before dawn, they are naturally rubbed and washed to identify them.

Zhou Lang easily called forth the need for east winds
Late spring, two beautiful sisters caught inside the copper phoenixes.



Red Cliff:  Famous battle in the winter of 208-209 AD at the end of the Han Dynasty. Fought on the Changjiang in Hubei Province, reportedly the largest naval battle in all of history.

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