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Du Mu: Begin to Give a Toast to Mayor Xin Qun of Xizhou

Begin to Give a Toast to Mayor Xing Qun of Xizhou

正 初 奉 酬 歙 州 剌 史 邢 群
翠 岩 千 尺 倚 溪 斜
曾 得 严 光 作 钓 家。
越 嶂 远 分 丁 字 水
腊 梅 迟 见 二 年 花。
明 时 刀 尺 君 须 用
幽 处 田 园 我 有 涯。
一 壑 风 烟 阳 羡 里
解 龟 休 去 路 非 赊。
Zheng Chu Feng Chou Xi Zhou La Shi Xing Qun

Cui yan qian chi yi xi xie
Ceng de yan guang zuo diao jia.
Yue zhang yuan fen ding zi shui
La mei chi jian er nian hua.

Ming shi dao chi jun xu yong
You chu tian yuan wo you ya.
Yi he feng yan yang xian li
Xie gui xiu qu lu fei she.


Begin to Give a Toast to Mayor Xing Qun of Xizhou

One thousand feet of emerald-green cliffs that rely upon slanting streams
Yan Guang once went fishing here for imperial attention.
His home near the screen-like mountain peaks of Yue where a distant river splits into two branches
Autumn plum trees, see two lunar years of flowers.

During enlightened times one can use a knife and ruler to reveal oneself
During dark times, live small and simple in seclusion among your fields and gardens.
By one big pond inside Yan Xian with the winds and mists
Abandon your government seal and duties to join me in this place.



Xizhou:  A city north of Dali in the province of Yunnan.

Yan Guang: (569-618 AD) The second and last emperor of the Sui Dynasty. Noted for his large construction projects like completing the Grand Canal and reconstruction of the Great Wall. His military campaigns into present day Vietnam and Korea bankrupted the state treasury. He was strangled to death during a military coup by one of his soldiers. His legacy was to be known as the worst tyrant in Chinese history.

Peaks of Yue: Mountainous regions in southern China.



Common literati belief in ancient China was to get small and stay small, head to the far away mountains when the imperial government becomes too criminal and corrupt.

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