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Du Mu: Have Feelings For Ancient Luoyang

Have Feelings For Ancient Luoyang

故 洛 阳 城 有 感
一 片 宫 墙 当 道 危
行 人 为 汝 去 迟 迟。
筚 圭 苑 里 秋 风 后
平 乐 馆 前 斜 日 时。
锢 党 岂 能 留 汉 鼎
清 谈 空 解 识 胡 儿。
千 烧 万 战 坤 灵 死
惨 惨 终 年 鸟 雀 悲。
Gu Luo Yang Cheng You Gan

Yi pian gong qiang dang dao wei
Xing ren wei ru qu chi chi.
Bi gui yuan li qiu feng hou
Ping yue guan qian xie ri shi.

Gu dang qi neng liu han ding
Qing tan kong jie shi hu er.
Qian shao wan zhan kun ling si
Can can zhong niao niao qiao bei.


Have Feelings For Ancient Luoyang

One section of the palace wall leans towards collapse
Travelers walking slowly and being watchful.
Inside a bamboo fenced orchard that autumn winds have swept
Setting sun in front of the peaceful music concert hall.

Imprisoned factions reveal their inability to maintain the Han Dynasty
sacred wine vessels
Empty talk from An Lushan not clearly interpreted by the palace.
Thousand times set afire, ten thousand battles, the female protective deities
of the city are now dead
Extreme miseries all year long, sparrows sing their melancholy.



An Lushan:  (703-757 AD) Volumes have been written about An Lushan. He was a famous army general who led the rebellion against Tang emperor Xuanzong which lead the destruction of the capital cities of Luoyang and Chang’an in  755-756.

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