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Du Mu: Luoyang Long Poem: Two Poems: No. 1

Luoyang Long Poem: Two Poems: No. 1

洛 阳 长 句 : 二 首
草 色 人 心 相 与 闲
是 非 名 利 有 无 间。
桥 横 落 照 虹 堪 画
树 锁 千 门 鸟 自 还。
芝 盖 不 来 云 杳 杳
仙 舟 何 处 水 潺 潺。
君 王 谦 让 泥 金 事
苍 翠 空 高 万 岁 山。
天 汉 东 穿 白 玉 京
日 华 浮 动 翠 光 生。
桥 边 游 女 佩 环 委
波 底 上 阳 金 碧 明。
月 锁 名 园 孤 鹤 唳
川 酣 秋 梦 凿 龙 声。
连 昌 绣 岭 行 宫 在
玉 辇 何 时 父 老 迎。
Luo Yang Chang Ju: Er Shou

Cao se ren xin xiang yu xian
Shi fei ming li you wu jian.
Qiao heng luo zhao hong kan hua
Shu suo qian men niao zi huan.

Zhi gai bu lai yun yao yao
Xian zhou he chu shui chan chan.
Jun wang qian rang ni jin shi
Cang cui kong gao wan sui shan.

Tian han dong chuan bai yu jing
Ri hua fu dong cui guang sheng.
Qiao bian you nu pei huan wei
Bo di shang yang jin bi ming.

Yue suo ming yuan gu he li
Chuan han qiu meng zao long sheng.
Lian chang xiu ling hang gong zai
Yu nian he shi fu lao ying.


Luoyang Long Poem: Two Poems: No. 1

The grasses and my heart-mind give each other leisure
In between right and wrong, fame and wealth, have and without.
From east to west, can paint this brilliant rainbow
The trees and I locked up among one thousand doors, while the birds
naturally come and go.

Zhi Gai has yet to arrive, clouds very far away
The immortal’s boat and the sound of flowing water come to get me.
The emperor politely ignored the muddy and golden things
Ten thousand year old mountains dark green, tall and empty.

In the east, the Milky Way reaches and penetrates the white jade capital
Emerald green light emerges, daily radiance floats and moves around.
By a bridge one traveling woman wearing rings and a pendant
Shang Yang palace reflected upon gold and bluish-green waves.

Under house arrest, moon and solitary crane cries in the famous garden
Happy river, autumn areas chiseled by dragon sounds.
Lianchang and Xiuling palaces, imperial vacation retreats now abandoned
When can the older folks greet another imperial carriage.



Luoyang: Eastern capital city during the Tang Dynasty.

Shang Yang palace: Built during the Qin Dynasty and the years 361-338 BC in Luoyang.

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