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Du Mu: Mu Lan Temple

Mu Lan Temple

题 木 兰 庙
弯 弓 征 战 作 男 儿
梦 里 曾 经 与 画 眉。
几 度 思 归 还 抱 酒
拂 云 堆 上 祝 明 妃。
Ti Mu Lan Miao

Wan gong zheng zhan zuo man er
Meng li ceng jing yu hua mei.                                                                                                    Ji du si gui huan bao jiu
Fu yun dui shang zhu ming fei.


Mu Lan Temple

With crooked bow, she mustered with the men to join an expeditionary force
Inside her dreams she wanted to endure, and have a chance for a time of
painted eyebrows.                                                                                                             Think of many times she held wine, wishing to return home
Fu Yun temple a site for nomadic prayers and a burial mound of Ming Fei.



Fu Yun temple: Located in northern Hebei Province.

Ming Fei: A palace lady during the Han Dynasty. She incorrectly made up her face, and thus made the emperor very angry.

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