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Du Mu: Muzhou: Four Sweet Poetic Sounds

Muzhou: Four Sweet Poetic Sounds

睦 州 四 韵
州 在 钓 台 边
溪 山 实 可 怜。
有 家 皆 掩 映
无 处 不 潺 湲。
好 树 鸣 幽 鸟
晴 楼 人 野 烟。
残 春 杜 陵 客
中 酒 落 花 前。
Mu Zhou Si Yun

Zhou zai diao tai bian
Xi shan shi ke lian.
You jian jie yan ying
Wu chu bu chan yuan.

Hao shu ming you niao
Qing lou ru ye yan.
Can chun du ling ke
Zhong jiu luo hua qian.


Muzhou: Four Sweet Poetic Sounds

Next to a terrace, fishing in the city
Mountains and streams fully sympathetic with us.
Each and every house set off from one another by vegetation
Without these dwellings, the flowing water would move too quickly.

Fine and healthy trees, secluded singing birds
Atop a tower with sunny skies, moving mists enter the open country.
End of spring, this visitor from Duling.
Earlier among the wine and fallen flowers.



Muzhou: Ancient prefecture (603-1121 AD) near the city of Jiande, Zhejiang Province.

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