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Du Mu: Qi An Prefecture Daydream: Two Poems

Qi An Prefecture Daydream: Two Poems

齐 安 郡 中 偶 题: 二 首
两 竿 落 日 溪 桥 上
半 缕 轻 烟 柳 影 中。
多 少 绿 荷 相 倚 恨
一 时 回 首 背 西 风。
秋 声 无 不 搅 离 心
梦 泽 蒹 葭 楚 雨 深。
自 滴 阶 前 大 梧 叶
干 君 何 事 动 哀 吟?
Qi An Jun Zhong Ou Ti: Er Shou

Liang gan luo ri xi qiao shang
Ban lu qing yan liu ying zhong.
Duo shao lu he xiang yi hen
Yi shi hui shou bei xi feng.

Qiu sheng wu bu jiao li xin
Meng ze jian jia chu yu shen.
Zi di jie qian da wu ye
Gan jun he shi dong ai yin?


Qi An Prefecture Daydream: Two Poems

Setting sun, two pole shadows upon the streamside bridge
In the middle of willow trees, see half of the smoke trails and light mist.
How many of these spent green lotus are like our mutual regrets?
They turn their backs to the prevailing western winds.

Every autumn sound stirs up my homesick heart-mind
Large Chu wetlands and swamp, cattail sprouts in the heavy rain.
In front of the steps, natural drops upon the large parasol trees
What about me, not reporting back to the palace such things so full of sorrows?



Qi An: Ancient prefecture around the modern city of Jinan, Shandong Province.

Chu:  Nation state (1030-223 BC) during the Zhou Dynasty. Covered the modern day provinces of Hubei and Hunan, as well as parts of several bordering provinces.

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