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Du Mu: Send Off Again For Mengshi in Chizhou

Send Off Again For Mengshi in Chizhou

重 送
手 撚 金 仆 姑
腰 悬 玉 辘 轳。
爬 头 峰 北 正 好 去
系 取 可 汗 钳 作 奴。
六 宫 虽 念 相 如 赋
其 那 防 边 重 武 夫。
Chong Song

Shou nian jin pu gu
Yao xuan yu lu lu.

Pa tou feng bei zheng hao qu
Xi qu ke han qian zuo nu.

Liu gong sui nian xiang ru fu
Qi na fang bian chong wu fu.


Send Off Again for Mengshi in Chizhou

May you twist your fingers to make a magical golden arrow
Hanging from your waist, a jade-like scabbard for your sword.

Your assignment in the northern peaks of Patou, where the beacon fires burn
May you wrap up and enslave their nomad leader.

Your poems good enough to be inside the six palaces
But the powers want you to be a strong military border leader.



Chizhou: City located in Anhui Province.

Peaks of Patou: Located outside the city of Chizhou.

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