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Du Mu: Sent This to Mr. Li in Chizhou

Sent This to Mr. Li in Chizhou

池 州 李 使 君 没 后 十 一 日 处 州 新 命 始 到 后 见 妓 感 而 成 诗
缙 云 新 命 诏 初 行
才 是 孤 魂 寿 器 成。
黄 壤 不 知 新 雨 露
粉 书 空 挽 旧 铭 旌。
巨 卿 哭 处 云 空 断
阿 鹜 归 来 月 正 明。
多 少 四 年 遗 爱 事
乡 闾 生 子 李 为 名。
Chi Zhou Li Shi Jun Mei Hou Shi Yi Ri Chu Zhou Xin Ming
Shi Dao Hou Jian Ji Gan Er Cheng Shi

Jin yun xin ming zhao chu xing
Cai shi gu hun shou qi cheng.
Huang rang bu zhi xin yu lu
Fen shu kong wan jiu ming jing.

Ju qing ku chu yun kong duan
E wu gui lai yue zheng ming.
Duo shao si nian yi ai shi
Xiang lu sheng zi li wei ming.

Sent This to Mr. Li in Chizhou Eleven Days After His Death, I Began a New Position in the Chuzhou Region, Arrive After the Music Ladies Had Left, Feelings to Produce This Poem

New destiny, first of my travels to fulfill the imperial edict to serve here
New orders found him and his soul in a coffin.
The yellow earth not aware of fresh rain and dew
New letter changed from a new-position banner to the engraved letters of a memorial archway.

I cried having to arrive late to see my good friend for one last time
Like E Wu, your wife and family will be taken care of.
For about four years you left behind many loving memories
In your hometown, the Li surname will be a famous and honored one.



Chizhou: City located in Anhui Province.

Chuzhou region: In the eastern part of Anhui.

E Wu: Famous lady from the kingdom of Wei, whose husband passed away, and was later taken care of by her husband’s best friend.

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