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Han Yu: Basin Pond

Basin Pond

盆 池
瓦 沼 晨 朝 水 自 清
小 虫 无 数 不 知 名。
忽 然 分 散 无 踪 影
惟 有 鱼 儿 作 队 行。
Pen Chi

Wa zhao chen zhao shui zi qing
Xiao chong wu shu bu zhi ming.                                                                                              Hu ran fen san wu zong ying
Wei you yu er zuo dui hang.


Basin Pond

Tiled natural pond, daybreak water naturally clean and pure
Small insects beyond counting, do not know their names.

They suddenly scatter away without leaving shadows, or even a trace
Only see a row of fish without their food source.

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