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Han Yu: Late Spring

Late Spring

晚 春
草 树 知 春 不 久 归
百 般 红 紫 斗 芳 菲。
杨 花 榆 英 无 才 思
惟 解 漫 天 作 雪 飞。
Wan Chun

Cao shu zhi chun bu jiu gui
Bai ban hong zi dou fang fei.                                                                                             Yang hua yu ying wu cai si
Wei jie man tian zuo xue fei.


Late Spring

Plants and trees aware that spring will not return for a long time
One hundred types of flowers, their purples and reds, fragrant densities.  Poplar and elm tree buds do not stimulate our imaginations
Can only fall apart, everywhere to arise into the sky, or fall like flying snow.

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