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Li Bai: Send to Government Inspector He the Seventh

Send to Government Inspector He the Seventh

赠 何 七 判 官 昌 浩
有 时 忽 惆 怅
匡 坐 至 夜 分。
平 明 空 啸 咤
思 欲 解 世 纷。
心 随 长 风 去
吹 散 万 里 云。
羞 作 济 南 生
九 十 诵 古 文。
不 然 拂 剑 起
沙 漠 收 奇 勋。
老 死 阡 陌 间
何 因 扬 清 芬。
夫 子 今 管 乐
英 才 冠 三 军。
终 与 同 出 处
岂 将 沮 溺 群?
Zeng He Qi Pan Guan Chang Hao

You shi hu chou chang
Kuang zuo zhi ye fen.
Ping ming kong xiao zha
Si yu jie shi fen.

Xin sui chang feng qu
Chuai san wan li yun.
Xiu zuo ji nan sheng
Jiu shi song gu wen.

Bu ran fu jian qi
Sha mo shou qi xun.
Lao si qian mo jian
He yin yang qing fen.

Fu zi jin guan le
Ying cai guan san jun.
Zhong yu tong chu chu
Qi jiang ju ni qun?


Send As a Gift to Government Inspector He the Seventh

Suddenly have melancholy times
Sit in idleness until the middle of the night.
Sky beginning to brighten, loud sounds from a distance
Thinking of hopes to explain a chaotic society.

Heart-mind follows the departing long winds
Blown scattered clouds for thousands of miles.
Ashamed to be like Ji Nansheng
Ninety years old, could only recite classical prose.

I have yet to rise up with my sword
To perform extraordinary service in the sandy deserts.
Not to age and die among the rural footpaths
Who could remember me with a clear pure fragrance.

You have a good position like Guan Zhong and Le Yi
Your rank like the young and talented high level ministers.
In the end, I want to stay with you and have the same opportunities
Who wants to be like the Ju and Ni crowd and go into rural seclusion?



Guan Zhong: (ca. 720-645 BC) Lived in the state of Qi during the Spring and Autumn period, Eastern Zhou Dynasty.  Known as a reformer.

Le Yi:  Military leader during the Warring States period, second part of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.

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