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Li Qingzhao: Cold Windows

Cold Windows

感 怀
寒 窗 败 几 无 书 史
公 路 可 怜 合 至 此。
青 州 从 事 孔 方 兄
终 日 纷 纷 喜 生 事。
作 诗 谢 绝 聊 闭 门
燕 寝 凝 香 有 佳 思。
静 中 吾 乃 得 至 交
乌 有 先 生 子 虚 子。
Gan Huai

Han chuang bai ji wu shu shi
Gong lu ke lian he zhi ci.
Qing zhou cong shi kong fang xiong
Zhong ri fen fen xi sheng shi.

Zuo shi xie jue liao bi men
Yan qin ning xiang you jia si.
Jing zhong wu nai de zhi jiao
Wu you xian sheng zi xu zi.


Cold Windows: (Recollections and Reflections)

Cold windows, rental furniture, without good books
Had to join my husband who is on the government bureaucratic highway.
[I have arrived at a place where Yuan Shu was before his death]
We come from Qingzhou, with a life like Cong Shi, but have to be here
for the money
All day long party after party, one cannot stand their poor quality wine, then come home as a troublemaker.

Close my door to refuse visitors to just write poetry
Light incense in this government housing, have beautiful thoughts.
Inside this centered contemplation I then find my best friends
They are the created misters Wu You and Zi Xu.



Yuan Shu: (155-199 AD) A warlord who almost became emperor during the late Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD).

Qingzhou: Li Qingzhao’s hometown inside modern day Shandong Province.

Cong Shi: A legendary master wine taster.

Close my door: This line came from a famous poem by Tao Yuanming (365-427).  See this website for more information and poems.

Wu You and Zi Xu:  Both legendary men from the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-25 AD).

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