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Li Yu: Blossoms In the Clear Moonlight: (The Happy Buddha)

Blossoms in the Clear Moonlight: (The Happy Buddha)

花 明 月: 普 萨 蛮
花 明 月 暗 笼 轻 雾
今 宵 好 向 朗 边 去。
刬 袜 步 香 阶
手 提 金 缕 鞋。
画 堂 南 畔 见
一 向 偎 人 颤。
奴 为 出 来 难
教 君 恣 意 怜。
蓬 莱 院 闭 天 台 女
画 堂 昼 寝 无 人 语。
抛 枕 翠 云 光
绣 衣 闻 异 香。
潜 来 珠 琐 动
惊 觉 银 屏 梦。
慢 脸 笑 盈 盈
相 看 无 限 情。
Hua Ming Yue: (Pu Sa Man)

Hua ming yue an long qing wu
Jin xiao hao xiang lang bian qu.
Chan wa bu xiang jie
Shou ti jin lu xie.

Hua tang nan pan jian
Yi xiang wei ren zhan.
Nu wei chu lai nan
Jiao jun zi yi lian.

Peng lai yuan bi tian tai nu
Hua tang zhou qin wu ren yu.
Pao zhen cui yun guang
Xiu yi wen yi xiang.

Qian lai zhu suo dong
Jing jue yin ping meng.
Man lian xiao ying ying
Xiang kan wu xian qing.


Blossoms in the Clear Moonlight: (The Happy Buddha)

Blossoms in the clear moonlight, lovers hidden inside a soft surrounding fog
Tonight a fine time to sneak outside the garden to find him.
Wearing only socks, she walked up the fragrant steps
In her hands, carried golden-threaded shoes.

From the painted halls, see the southern riverbanks
In one direction a couple shivers and snuggles together.
Servant girl finds it difficult to arrange their secret meeting
Teaches them to treasure this unbridled opportunity.

Like a Penglai immortal, just women can be in this courtyard
From another painted hall, he sneaks around while the attendants nap.
Pillows cast aside, her hair in big clouds
Her embroidered clothes of many different fragrances.

Side to side, the pearly curtain moves
To startle her silver screen dreams.
Slowly she displayed a translucent smile
Attend to each other without limitations on their emotions.



Penglai : Mythological island in the East China Sea. Home to the pantheon of Chinese immortals.

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