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Li Yu: Looking For Spring Scenery: (Midnight Song)

Looking For Spring Scenery: (Midnight Song)

寻 先 春: 子 夜 歌
寻 春 须 是 先 春 早
看 花 莫 待 花 枝 老。
缥 色 玉 柔 擎
醅 浮 盏 面 清。
何 妨 频 笑 粲
禁 苑 春 归 晚。
同 醉 与 闲 评
诗 随 羯 鼓 成。
Xun Xian Chun: (Zi Ye Ge)

Xun chun xu shi xian chun zao
Kan hua mo de hua zhi lao.
Piao se yu rou qing
Pei fu zhan mian qing.

He fang bu xiao can
Jin yuan chun gui wan.
Tong zui yu xian ping
Shi sui jie gu cheng.


Looking For Spring Scenery: (Midnight Song)

Looking for spring scenery, one must go out early
To see blossoms everywhere, do not wait for the flowered branches to age.
She lifts up the wine, it is a light green color and soft like jade
Unlike unfiltered wine, floating bubbles on the surface disappear into clarity.

Wonder how can the ladies frequently come to reveal their beaming smiles.
Evenings have to return and remain inside the enclosed orchard.
Same level of drunkenness, want to just idly chatter
Write poetry to the pacing of the Jie drums.



Jie: A pastoral tribe and member of the Five Barbarian confederation. They reportedly lived inside Siberia. In the fourth century they invaded northern China.

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