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Lu Yu: Small Drink Newly Processed Wine

Small Drink of Newly Processed Wine

新 酿 孰 小 饮
玉 船 潋 潋 酌 鹅 黄
菊 欲 残 时 抵 死 香。
似 与 幽 人 为 醉 地
清 笳 声 里 一 天 霜。
篱 菊 犹 堪 采 落 英
一 尊 玉 瀣 酿 初 成。
今 宵 要 向 中 庭 饮
不 展 华 茵 展 月 明。
Xin Niang Shu Xiao Yin

Yu chuan lian lian zhuo e huang
Ju yu can shi di si xiang.
Si yu you ren wei zui di
Qing jia sheng li yi tian shuang.

Li ju you kan cai luo ying
Yi zun yu xie niang chu cheng.
Jin xiao yao xiang zhong ting yin
Bu zhan hua yin zhan yue ming.


Small Drink of Newly Processed Wine

Jade-like, boat-shaped plates overflowing with warm yellow wine
Chrysanthemums near death, compensate with strong odors.
Together these make us hermits drunk and want to remain here
Clear reed pipe sounds, one sky full of frost.

Like Tao Yuanming’s fence of chrysanthemums, may yet gather the fallen blossoms
My wine vessel tastes of yuxie  wine in its early stages.
Essential that tonight I get near the front courtyard
Unsealed wine gets opened and displayed for the oncoming moonlight.



Tao Yuanming:  (365-427 AD) Famous Eastern Jin Dynasty poet. His work and biographical information can also be found on this website.

Yuxie: Jade-like evening mist

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