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Lu Yu: Small Garden Barely Three Mu

Small Garden Barely Three Mu

小 园
松 菊 仅 三 亩
作 园 真 强 名。
驯 禽 惊 不 去
熟 果 坠 无 声。
倦 就 盘 陀 坐
闲 拈 榔 栗 行。
茅 亭 亦 疏 豁
凭 槛 看 春 耕。
Xiao Yuan

Song ju jin san mu
Zuo yuan zhen jiang ming.
Xun qin jing bu qu
Shu guo zhui wu sheng.

Juan jiu pan tuo zuo
Xian nian lang li xing.
Mao ting yi shu huo
Ping jian kan chun geng.


Small Garden Barely Three Mu

With barely three mu of pine trees and chrysanthemums
Cannot really call this place a garden.
Tame and obedient birds at first startled by me, now quickly return
Ripe fruits fall without a sound.

When tired I simply sit cross-legged
In leisure I use a simple chestnut wood cane.
Thatched pavilion also thin and with many cracks
Leaning against a railing, I watch the springtime plowing.



Mu: Approximately one sixth (1/6) of an acre.

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