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Lu Yu: Under the Moon

Under the Moon

月 下
月 白 庭 空 树 影 稀
鹊 栖 不 稳 绕 枝 飞。                                                                                          老 翁 也 学 痴 儿 女
扑 得 流 萤 露 湿 衣。
Yue Xia

Yue bai ting kong shu ying xi
Que qi bu wen rao zhi fei.                                                                                                          Lao weng ye xue chi er nu
Pu de liu ying lu shi yi.


Under the Moon

Clear moonlight, front courtyard tree empty with thin shadows
Perched magpies stagger and fly from branch to branch.                                  This old man also imitates his crazy daughters and sons
With dew-moistened clothes they taught me how to go after the fireflies.

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