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Ouyang Xiu: Jade Tower in Spring (No. 15): Pipa Player Fingers

Jade Tower in Spring (No. 15): Pipa Player Fingers

玉 楼 春
春 葱 指 甲 轻 拢 捻。
五 采 垂 絛 双 袖 卷。
雪 香 浓 透 紫 檀 槽
胡 语 急 随 红 玉 腕。
当 头 一 曲 情 何 限。
入 破 铮 鏦 金 凤 战。
百 分 芳 酒 祝 长 春
再 拜 敛 容 抬 粉 面。


Yu Lou Chun

Chun cong zhi jia qing long nian
Wu cai chui tao shuang xiu juan
Xue xiang nong tou zi tan cao
Hu yu ji sui hong yu wan.

Dang tou yi qu qing he xian
Ru po zheng cong jin feng zhan
Bai fen fang jiu zhu chang chun
Zai bai lian rong tai fen mian.

Jade Tower in Spring: (No. 15): Pipa Player Fingers

Pipa player fingers caressing the strings become soft and pliable
Five colors of silk ribbons hanging down, pair of sleeves rolled up.
Purple and fragrant wingceltis grooves penetrates her snow white skin
People from the northern provinces are in awe of her.

Give priority to limitless emotions inside one song
The music’s last movement clanks and clangs like a golden phoenix
in battle.
One hundred cups of wine wish for a long spring life
Lift her white powdered face, after bows she excuses herself to put on
more make-up.



Pipa : An ancient Chinese four-stringed instrument similar to the lyre.

Wingceltis:  A tree native to China. Also known as the blue sandalwood. Used for timber (including musical instruments), paper, and the seeds for oil.

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