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Ouyang Xiu: Jade Tower in Spring (No. 16): Golden Flowers

Jade Tower in Spring (No. 16): Golden Flowers

玉 楼 春
金 花 盏 面 红 烟 透
舞 急 香 茵 随 步 皱。
青 春 才 子 有 新 词
红 粉 佳 人 重 劝 酒。
也 知 自 为 伤 春 瘦
归 骑 休 交 银 烛 候。
拟 将 沉 醉 为 清 欢
无 奈 醒 来 还 感 旧。
Yu Lou Chun

Jin hua zhan mian hong yan tou
Wu ji xiang yin sui bu zhou
Qing chun cai zi you xin ci
Hong fen jia ren chong quan jiu.

Ye zhi zi wei shang chun shou
Gui qi xiu jiao yin zhu hou
Ni jiang chen zui wei qing huan
Wu nai xing lai huan gan jiu.

Jade Tower in Spring: (No. 16): Golden Flowers

Golden flowers on a small face, red incense smoke revealed
in the beams of light
Dance moves quicken, fragrant rugs wrinkled in her wake.
Gifted scholars write new songs of spring greenery for her to perform
Red powder, beautiful people ask her for more and more toasts.

Also realize spring naturally yields to wounds and a thinning of hair
Do not make me leave by holding up a bright candle.
I plan to get happy drunk and get some clarity
However, after sobering up, still aware of former times.

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