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Ouyang Xiu: Mt. Mo Streams

Mt. Mo Streams

蓦 山 溪
新 正 初 破
三 五 银 蟾 满。
纤 手 染 香 罗
剪 红 莲,满 城 开 遍。
楼 台 上 下
歌 管 咽 春 风
驾 香 轮, 停 宝 与
只 待 金 乌 晚。
帝 城 今 夜
罗 绮 谁 为 伴。
应 卜 紫 姑 神
问 归 期,相 思 望 断。
天 涯 情 绪
对 酒 且 开 颜
春 宵 短。春 寒 浅。
莫 待 金 杯 暖。
Mo Shan Xi

Xin zheng chu po
San wu yin chan man.
Qian shou ran xiang luo
Jian hong lian, man cheng kai bian.

Lou tai shang xia
Ge guan yan chun feng
Jia xiang lun, ting bao yu
Zhi dai jin wu wan.

Di cheng jin ye
Luo qi shei wei ban
Ying bu zi gu shen
Wen gui qi, xiang si wang duan.

Tian ya qing xu
Dui jiu qie kai yan
Chun xiao duan. Chun han qian.
Mo dai jin bei nuan.


Mt. Mo Streams

First lunar month, fifteen days and it is half-way gone, toad in the silver full moon.
Delicate hands dye the fragrant gauze for Lantern Day
Red lotus lanterns everywhere inside the open city gates
From top to bottom, high buildings decorated, musical songs and singing in the wind.

Rice carriages fragrant and will contain a treasure
Awaiting dusk and the onset of darkness
Imperial city now evening.

Who escorts the exquisite silk gauze ladies
She is praying to a female deity
Thinking of her future, she asks if she should wait another year
Her emotions and mind at the sky’s margin
For now she will try to drink wine and be happy for this brief spring night.
Spring time still a bit chilly.
Warmed golden cups have to be reheated over and over again.



Lantern Day: The first full moon of lunar new year is celebrated by hanging and/or floating lanterns.

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