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Ouyang Xiu: Proud Fishing Households (No. 2): Second Month

Proud Fishing Households (No. 2): Second Month

玉 楼 春
二 月 春 耕 昌 杏 密。
百 花 次 第 争 先 出。
惟 有 海 棠 梨 第 一
深 浅 拂。
天 生 红 粉 真 无 匹。
画 栋 归 来 巢 未 失。
双 双 款 语 怜 飞 乙。
留 客 醉 花 迎 晓 日。
金 盏 溢。
却 忧 风 雨 飘 零 疾。


Yu Jia Ao

Er yue chun geng chang xing mi.
Bai hua ci di zheng xian chu.
Wei you hai tang li di yi.
Shen qian fu.
Tian sheng hong fen zhen wu pi.

Hua dong gui lai chao wei shi.
Shuang shuang kuan yu lian fei yi.
Liu ke zui hua ying xiao ri.
Jin zhan yi.
Que you feng yu piao ling ji.


Proud Fishing Households: (No. 2) Second Month

Second month of spring, cultivate many apricot seedlings.
One after another, a hundred blossoms strive to be the first to emerge.
Only have birch leaf pears become the first.
Layers of depth and shade.

Their pink hues come forth without an equal in heaven.
Birds return to nest in the painted roof beams.
Fly together in pairs, cuddle and talk of love.
Remaining visitors drunk with the flowers until the dawn’s first light.
Small golden cups overflow.
Worry that the onset of rain and wind will tatter the weak and soft.

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