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Ouyang Xiu: Proud Fishing Households (No. 3): Third Month

Proud Fishing Households (No. 3): Third Month

玉 楼 春
三 月 清 明 天 婉 娩。
晴 川 祓 禊 归 来 晚。
况 是 踏 青 来 处 远。
犹 不 倦。
秋 千 别 闭 深 庭 院。
更 值 牡 丹 开 欲 遍。
酴 醾 压 架 清 香 散。
花 底 一 尊 谁 解 劝。
增 眷 恋。
东 风 向 晚 无 情 绊。
Yu Jia Ao


San yue qing ming tian wan mian.
Qing chuan fu xi gui lai wan.
Kuang shi ta qing lai chu yuan.
You bu juan.
Qiu qian bie bi shen ting yuan.

Geng zhi mu dan kai yu bian.
Tu mi ya jia qing xiang san.
Hua di yi zun shei jie quan.
Zeng juan lian.
Dong feng xiang wan wu qing ban.


Proud Fishing Households: (No. 3) Third Month

Third month of spring, Qing Ming days warm and mild.
Qing River, return late evening to pray and bless the spirits.
On a walk to the river’s source, find green and serenity.
Still not tired or weary.
Closed deep courtyards, ladies still on their swings.

Tree peonies everywhere bloom with expectations.
Clear and fragrant vines and flowers separate.
One wine vessel at the plant’s base can soothe and placate.
Sentimental attachments grow.
Towards late evening, winter-like winds without emotions tell us that
these pleasures are almost done.



Qing Ming: Also known as Tomb Sweeping Day. It falls on or around the fourth day of the fourth lunar month. Literally means Pure Brightness.

Qing River: Southern tributary of the Changjiang (Yangzi) River in the province of Hubei.

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