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Ouyang Xiu: Proud Fishing Households (No. 9): Ninth Month

Proud Fishing Households (No. 9): Ninth Month

玉 楼 春
九 月 霜 秋 秋 已 尽。
烘 林 败 叶 红 相 映。
惟 有 东 篱 黄 菊 盛。
遗 金 粉。
人 家 帘 幕 重 阳 近。
晓 日 阴 阴 晴 未 定。
授 衣 时 节 轻 寒 嫩。
新 雁 一 声 风 又 劲。
云 欲 凝。
雁 来 应 有 吾 乡 信。
Yu  Jia Ao


Jiu yue shuang qiu qiu yi jin.
Hong lin bai ye hong xiang ying.
Wei you dong li huang ju sheng.
Yi jin fen.
Ren jia lian mu chong yang jin.

Xiao ri yin yin qing wei ding.
Shou yi shi jie qing han nen.
Xin yan yi sheng feng you jin.
Yun yu ning.
Yan lai ying you wu xiang xin.


Proud Fishing Households: (No. 9) Ninth Month

Ninth lunar month frost, all things autumn already gone.
Dry forest of ruined red leaves that reflect each other.
Only have yellow chrysanthemums growing over the eastern fence.
Carry along their golden pollen.
Nearby households hang layers of them on their curtains and screens
for the mid-autumn days.

At daybreak, it is very dark and unsettled.
Time of season to send clothes, light weight ones too cool and delicate.
New wild geese, one powerful sound of the wind.
Clouds like congealed desires.
Arrived goose should have a hometown letter.



Chrysanthemums over the eastern fence: A literary allusion to the famous poem by Tao Yuanming (365-427), Drinking Wine No. 5. Refer to this website for a biography of Tao and the translated poem.

Arrived goose: Common Chinese metaphor where wild geese carry messages across the sky from one lover to another.

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