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Ouyang Xiu: Waves Dredging Sand: Poem No. 3

Waves Dredging Sand: Poem No. 3

浪 淘 沙
五 岭 麦 秋 残。
荔 子 初 丹。
绛 纱 襄 里 水 晶 丸。
可 惜 天 教 生 远 处。
不 近 长 安。
往 事 忆 开 元。
妃 子 偏 怜。
一 从 魂 散 马 嵬 关。
只 有 红 尘 无 驿 使
满 眼 骊 山。
Lang Tao Sha


Wu ling mai qiu can.
Li zi chu dan.
Jiang sha xiang li shui jing wan.
Ke xi tian jiao sheng yuan chu
Bu jin chang an.

Wang shi yi kai yuan.
Fei zi pian lian.
Yi cong hun san ma wei guan.
Zhi you hong chen wu yi shi
Man yan li shan.


Waves Dredging Sand: Poem No. 3

Only autumn chaff remnants in Wuling.
Lizi fruit begins to redden.
Crimson yarn-like pockets hold their shiny and moist balls.
Valued by the palace, they live far away from this valuable fruit
The fruits are not near the capital city Chang’an.

Recall the past events of the high Tang.
The concubine Yang Guifei loved this fruit.
But now her spirit still scattered near Ma Wei mountain pass.
Still have clouds of red dust, but not from government workers going from one station to the next
All of Mt. Li hot springs area is totally deserted.



Lizi fruit: Sweet and juicy, citrus-like fruit grown in southern China. Very expensive during this time and prized by many inside the palace.

High Tang: Often referred to the period of time when the Tang Dynasty was at its most powerful and elegant. It approximates the reign of Emperor Xuanzong (r. 712-756)

Yang Guifei : Favorite consort, and later wife of Emperor Xuanzong.  Infamous for being the lady who brought down an empire.

Ma Wei mountain pass: The mountain pass used by Emperor Xuanzong and his entourage to escape from the capital and certain capture by the rebels under An Lushan . They later arrived in the province of Sichuan.  The site of Yang Guifei’s death.

Mt. Li hot springs: Famous vacation retreat between the capital cities of Chang’an and Luoyang. Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei often relaxed and played here.

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