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Tao Yuanming: Drinking Wine: Twenty Poems: No. 12

Drinking Wine: Twenty Poems: No. 12

饮 酒: 二 十 首
长 公 曾 一 仕
壮 节 忽 失 时。
杜 门 不 复 出
终 身 与 世 辞。
仲 理 归 大 泽
高 风 始 在 兹。
一 往 便 当 已
何 为 复 狐 疑?
去 去 当 奚 道
世 俗 久 相 欺。
摆 落 悠 悠 谈
请 从 余 所 之。


Yin Jiu: Er Shi Shou


Chang gong ceng yi shi
Zhuang jie hu shi shi
Du men bu fu chu
Zhong shen you shi ci

Zhong li gui da ze
Gao feng shi zai zi
Yi wang bian dang yi
He wei fu hu yi ?

Qu qu dang xi dao
Shi su jiu xiang qi
Bai luo you you tan
Qing cong yu suo zhi


Drinking Wine: Twenty Poems: No. 12

Chang Gong was once a high government official
His mind too strong, he missed opportunities to serve.
His door became blocked, never again to work outside
For the rest of his life separated from human affairs.

Zhong Li attracted many students at Da Ze
High levels of integrity began here.
One should also stop work to move towards simplicity
Why did you return to seclusion three different times?

What can I say, except one should forget about
Customs and conventions for a long time.
Dismiss, shake off the leisurely discussions of trivia
Go to secluded places to be released.



Zhong Li:  One of the Eight Immortals.  Lived during the Zhou Dynasty, around the year 1122 BC.  Legend has it that he found the instructions for gaining immortality hidden behind a wall of his house after it had collapsed. He then was able to fly up to heaven on a cloud.


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