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Tao Yuanming: Instructions For My Son: Part 3

Instructions For My Son: Part 3

命 子
嗟 余 寡 陋
瞻 望 弗 及。
顾 惭 华 鬓
负 影 只 立。
三 千 之 罪
无 后 为 急。
我 诚 念 哉
呱 闻 尔 泣。
卜 云 嘉 日
占 亦 良 时。
名 汝 曰 俨
字 汝 求 思。
温 恭 朝 夕
念 兹 在 兹。
尚 想 孔 伋
庶 其 企 而。
厉 夜 生 子
遽 而 求 火。
凡 百 有 心
奚 特 于 我?
既 见 其 生
实 欲 其 可。
人 亦 有 言
斯 情 无 假。
日 居 月 诸
渐 免 于 孩。
福 不 虚 至
祸 亦 易 来。
夙 兴 夜 寐
愿 尔 斯 才。
尔 之 不 才
亦 已 焉 哉!
Ming Zi

Jie yu gua lou
Zhan wang fu ji.
Gu can hua bin
Fu ying zhi li.

San qian zhi zui
Wu hou wei ji.
Wo cheng nian zai
Gua wen er qi.

Bu yun jia ri
Zhan yi liang shi.
Ming ru yue yan
Zi ru qiu si.

Wen gong zhao xi
Nian zi zai zi.
Shang xiang kong ji
Shu qi qi er.

Li ye sheng zi
Ju er qiu huo.
Fan bai you xin
Xi te yu wo?

Ji jian qi sheng
Shi yu qi ke.
Ren yi you yan
Si qing wu jia.

Ri ju yue zhu
Jian mian yu hai.
Fu bu xu zhi
Huo yi yi lai.

Su xing ye mei
Yuan er si cai.
Er zhi bu cai
Yi yi yan zai !


Instructions For My Son: Part 3

Sigh, compared to you, my mind thin and humble
Looking far ahead, I will never match you.
Feel some shame, my temple hair turning white
Standing by myself, only have my shadows as companions.

Three thousand sins and crimes
Was anxious that I may never have a son.
I have sincerely asked for one
Hearing my son’s infant cries made me weep.

My son was born under a good star
Through divination your life will have good times
Gave you the names “Yan”, meaning humble
And “Zi”, meaning you will be a deep thinker

From dawn to dusk be gentle and respectful
Think of these things, rely upon these things.
Remember and value like the grandchildren of Kongzi
Hope you follow in their footsteps.

Do not wait my son to be a social leper like me
Give me light to see if my son has this same disease.
Like most people who want better for their children
Aspire to your ancestors, what’s so special about me?

Have seen my son in this life
Truly want him to do things worth doing.
People who also say this
Have these feelings that are genuine.

Day after day, month after month
You have grown, away from childhood.
Good fortune and happiness not easy to achieve
Misfortunes too easily arrive.

Get up early in the morning, sleep well at night
Hope your talents get used well.
If you cannot be a capable person
All I can say is “Alas !”



Three thousand sins and crimes: Upon entering the afterlife and meeting my ancestors.

Never have a son: This would be the worst of the 3,000 sins and crimes

Kongzi: Confucius

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