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Wang Wei: Climb Up to Bie Jue Temple

Wang Wei: Climb Up to Bian Jue Temple


登 辨 觉 寺
竹 径 连 初 地
莲 峰 出 化 城。
窗 中 三 楚 尽
林 上 九 江 平。
软 草 承 趺 坐
长 松 响 梵 声。
空 居 法 云 外
观 世 得 无 生。
Deng Bian Jue Si

Zhu jing lian chu di
Lian feng chu hua cheng
Chuang zhong san chu jin
Lin shang jiu jiang ping

Ruan cao cheng fu zuo
Chang song xiang fan sheng
Kong ju fa yun wai
Guan shi de wu sheng.

Climb Up to Bian Jue Temple

Bamboo trail connects to the beginning of ground
At Lotus Petal Peak, come back to the City of Change.
Out the middle window one can see the country of Chu in its entirety
Above the forest, looking down on the Jiu River spread far and wide.

Sit cross-legged on grass, soft yet firm
Tall pines echo sounds of Buddhist chants.
Live within your emptiness, outside the Dharma spirit
Viewing what is beyond this life and worldly existence.



Bian Jue: A Buddhist temple located half-way up Mt. Lu in the province of Guizhou.

Beginning of ground: Refers to both the first steps leading up to the mountain, and the first steps a Buddhist must travel to achieve Buddhahood.

City of Change: For Buddhist pilgrims, this is a resting area, about half-way to the top, literally on the mountain and metaphorically half-way to Buddhahood.

Outside the Dharma spirit: Step ten of ten for total and complete enlightenment.

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