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Wang Wei: Presented to Official Shi Xinggong

Wang Wei: Presented to Official Shi Xinggong



献 始 兴 公
宁 栖 野 树 林
宁 饮 涧 水 流;
不 用 坐 梁 肉
崎 岖 见 王 侯。
鄙 哉 匹 夫 节
布 褐 将 白 头!
任 智 诚 则 短
守 仁 固 其 优。
侧 闻 大 君 子
安 问 党 与 仇。
所 不 卖 公 器
动 为 苍 生 谟。
贱 子 跪 自 陈
可 为 帐 下 不?
感 激 有 公 议
曲 私 非 所 求!
Xian Shi Xing Gong

Ning qi ye shu lin
Ning yin jian shui liu
Bu yong zuo liang rou
Qi qu jian wang hou

Bi zai pi fu jie
Bu he jiang bai tou
Ren zhi cheng ze duan
Shou ren gu qi you

Ce wen da jun zi
An wen dang yu chou
Suo bu mai gong qi
Dong wei cang sheng mo

Jian zi gui zi chen
Ke wei zhang xia bu ?
Gan ji you gong yi
Qu si fei suo qiu.


Presented to Official Shi Xinggong

I would rather live in open country forests
Would rather drink mountain water flows.
Do not eat roasted rib meat
Only after many introductions can I meet a relative of the emperor.

The humble, common people have moral integrity!
I can wear coarse brown cloth until I have white hair!
Assume my wisdom is actually normal and modest
Determined to resolutely guard benevolence.

As an aside, I have heard you are a strong man of noble character
Do not need to inquire if you have hated associates.
Not in a place to sell government patronage and influence
You implement plans for the common people.

As a lowly subordinate I submit this poem to you
Can I follow behind you?
Feel gratitude to have an impartial evaluation
Being partial is not something I want to do.



Drink mountain water flows: Also can mean to perform a ceremony to confer an official title, or to establish a relationship.

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