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Wang Wei: Send Off Qiu Wei to Tangzhou

Send Off Qiu Wei to Tangzhou

送 丘 为 往 塘 州
宛 洛 有 风 尘
君 行 多 苦 辛。
四 愁 连 汉 水
百 口 寄 随 人。
槐 色 阴 清 昼
杨 花 惹 暮 春。
朝 端 肯 相 送
天 子 绣 衣 臣。
Song Qiu Wei Wang Tang Zhou

Wan luo you feng chen
Jun xing duo ki xin.
Si chou lian han shui
Bai kou ji sui ren.

Huai se yin qing zhou
Yang hua re mu chun.
Chao duan ken xiang song
Tian zi xiu yi chen.


Send Off Qiu Wei to Tangzhou

Luoyang city in Henan has wind and dust
You often travel when it is difficult and bitter.
Sing the Sichou until you get to the Han River
Sui people depend upon big families.

Chinese scholar tree colors subdued in the early morning light
Poplar flowers come in late spring.
High court officials frequently send each other off
The emperor has given to you the embroidered clothes of a court official.



Sichou: A famous poem, a missing-you ballad.

Sui people: One of the many small ethnic groups in China. They are mostly located in the province of Guizhou.

Embroidered clothes: These type of clothes were given to government officials not only for protection, but also as the identification and credentials needed for a safe passage guarantee to and from their positions.

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