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Wei Yingwu: An Answer For Mid-Level Official Wang

An Answer For Mid-Level Official Wang

答 王 郎 中
卧 阁 枉 芳 藻
览 旨 怅 秋 晨。
守 郡 犹 羁 寓
无 以 慰 嘉 宾。
野 旷 归 云 尽
天 清 晓 露 新。
池 荷 凉 已 至
窗 梧 落 渐 频。
风 物 殊 京 国
邑 里 但 荒 榛。
赋 繁 属 军 兴
政 拙 愧 斯 人。
髦 士 久 台 阁
中 路 一 漂 沦。
归 当 列 盛 朝
岂 念 卧 淮 滨。
Da Wang Lang Zhong

Wo ge wang fang zao
Lan zhi chang qiu chen.
Shou jun you ji yu
Wu yi wei jia bin.

Ye kuang gui yun jin
Tian qing xiao lu xin.
Chi he liang yi zhi
Chuang wu luo jian pin.

Feng wu shu jing guo
Yi li dan huang zhen.
Fu fan shu jun xing
Zheng zhuo kui si ren.

Mao shi jiu tai ge
Zhong lu yi piao lun.
Gui dang lie cheng zhao
Qi nian wo huai bin.


An Answer For Mid-Level Official Wang

Lie down in my small side room, your writing like fragrant aquatic plants
Autumn morning, with disappointment I read the royal decree.
Guarding this prefecture is like living in confinement
Unable to properly welcome out-of-town guests.

Vast open country clouds all return, blue sky at daybreak with fresh dew
Cool weather, pond lotus already spent.
Outside the window, wu tree leaves continuously fall down
Outside landscape different from the country’s capital.

Even inside the city gates the hazelnut trees are not cared for
Things that look well taken care of all belong to the army.
This area so poor, the army cannot live off the land                                                My shame I cannot help the people.

For a along time the handsome and talented stay inside their pavilions
They do not move up and out to the capital.
Upon your return to the dawn’s audiences with the emperor
I wish I could lie down on the Huai riverbanks.



Huai River:  Major river flowing east in between the Yellow River and the Changjiang.

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