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Wei Yingwu: One Autumn Night Gatha

One Autumn Night Gatha

秋 夜 一 绝
高 阁 渐 凝 霜
凉 叶 稍 飘 闱。
忆 在 南 宫 直
夜 长 钟 漏 稀。
Qiu Ye Yi Jue

Gao ge jian ning lu
Liang ye shao piao wei.                                                                                                              Yi zai nan gong zhi
Ye chang zhong lou xi.


One Autumn Night Gatha

Tall pavilion soaked with dripping dew
Palace side gate, cool leaves lightly flutter.

Makes me recall my water clock duties in the southern palace
Now the water clock runs low on water, and I wish the night time
bells could lengthen the nights.

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