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Wei Yingwu: Give As a Gift to Li Zhan

Give As a Gift to Li Zhan

赠 李 詹
丝 桐 本 异 质
音 响 合 自 然。
吾 观 造 化 意
二 物 相 因 缘。
误 触 龙 风 啸
静 闻 寒 夜 泉。
心 神 自 安 宅
烦 (思) 顿 可 捐。
何 因 知 久 要
丝 白 漆 亦 坚。


Zeng Li Zhan

Si tong ben yi zhi
Yin xiang he zi ran.
Wu guan zao hua yi
Er wu xiang yin yuan.

Wu chu long feng xiao
Jing wen han ye quan.
Xin shen zi an zhai
Fan lu dun ke juan.
He yin zhi jiu yao
Si bai qi yi jian.


Give As a Gift to Li Zhan

Silk and paulownia wood of different essences
But their sounds echo and mix spontaneously and naturally.
I realize that meaning and intelligence comes from Nature
The relationship of these two things are predestined.

Sometimes a dragon sound howls by mistake over the pheasant
In the cold of evening listen to the music of soft springhead water.
Heart-mind, one’s spirit is peaceful
Can abandon etiquette, worries, and cares.
How could I ever not be aware of our long-term friendship
Like silk strings that are still white, lacquered paulownia wood also strong and solid.



Silk and paulownia wood: The two main materials used to make Chinese stringed instruments.

Paulownia wood: Deciduous tree native to central and western China. Used to make stringed musical instrument soundboards, such as the qinguzheng, and pipa.


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