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Yang Wanli: Take a Break Below Mt. Feng

Take A Break Below Mt. Feng

丰 山 小 憩
归 路 元 无 远
行 人 倦 自 迟。
野 香 寒 蝶 聚
秋 色 老 枫 知。
得 得 逢 清 荫
休 休 憩 片 时。
江 山 岂 无 意
邀 我 觅 新 诗。
Feng Shan Xiao Qi

Gui lu yuan wu yuan
Xing ren juan zi chi.
Ye xiang han die ju
Qiu se lao feng zhi.

De de feng qing yin
Xiu xiu qi pian shi.
Jiang shan qi wu yi
Yao wo mi xin shi.


Take A Break Below Mt. Feng

Road back home not too far away
This traveler naturally slows down when tired and weary.
Open country chill, butterflies assembled around a fragrance
Mature maple trees and their colors make autumn a reality.

A bit satisfied to find a spot of clear shade trees
Rest for a while appropriate for this time of season.
Are not the mountains and rivers without a scheme or plan
They invite me to discover and create new poems.



Mt. Feng:  Perhaps refers to the Feng Shan sacrifices performed by the Son of Heaven (Zhou kings and subsequent emperors) made at Mt. Tai. The monarch paid homage to heaven and earth, and therefore received the mandate of heaven.

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