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Bai Juyi: Cranes Answer the Chickens

Cranes Answer the Chickens

鹤 答 鸡
尔 争 伉 俪 泥 中 斗
吾 整 羽 仪 松 上 栖。
不 可 遣 他 天 不 眼
却 轻 野 鹤 重 家 鸡。
He Da Ji

Er zheng kang li ni zhong dou
Wu zheng yu yi song shang qi.
Bu ke qian at tian xia yan
Que qing ye he chong jia ji.


Cranes Answer the Chickens

You chickens fight in the middle of a mud pile for a mate
I preen my feathers for a fine appearance perching in a pine tree.
Cranes unable to call to others as the morning sky breaks
Cranes refuse to copy you household chickens, instead adhere to the relaxed open country.


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